Comment on Opentrade - learn following star traders

JB commented on 28 Mar 2016, 04:13 PM

I have subscribed to 3 stars…

Problem #1
Although I was receiving sms/email notifications till 09:56 till today morning, suddenly the sms/email notifications have stopped from delivery… It’s very strenuous to keep watching the OT dashboard by refreshing the page continuously to ensure any new updates.. so as to not miss anything important (which I did) 🙁

We need to have an “Auto-refresh” on the Dashboard page.
Better would be- whenever a new update/trade is received it should automatically be updated without the need for refreshing the page.

The positions taken by Ursa Major today were in EQ. It wasn’t clear whether he has taken this in MIS Margin or CnC so as to be carried forward to next day… It was clear only after the close of the market that it was a CnC postion as the position is still not closed… Same is applicable for other positions by Ursa Major and Andromeda in FnO

Therefore, it should be clear if the star has taken a CnC or MIS position and also the conversion, if any…

Kindly look into the above issues (esp. 1st problem) at the earliest please..

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