Comment on Account Opening Documentation & Charges

Anil commented on 25 Mar 2016, 11:39 AM


I am interested in opening a zerodha trading + demat account and transfer all my equities from my existing icici direct account. I have few questions. Will appreciate if you could please answer them.

1. I want to completely close my existing icici direct account as the charges are high. However, I have also purchased bonds and corporate fixed deposits in this account in addition to mutual funds and equities. As I understand, the equities can be transferred to a new demat account. But can the Bonds, Mutual fund units and corporate FDs be transferred as well?

2. Are there any charges to transfer all the above financial assets into zerodha account? Will ICICI direct charge me for transferring out these assets? (I know ICICI direct is right entity to answer, but just asking..). Are there any charges to sell the equities after having transferred them into the newly created zerodha demat account using the associated trading account.

3. I live in Bangalore, so can I just drop by your Bangalore office with all necessary documents and open the account the same day?

4. I also am the joint holder in another demat account (again ICICI direct) with my spouse. We would like to close this demat if possible. So can we transfer the assets from a jointly held Demat into one new demat (possibly singly held)?


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