Comment on Cover Orders - For Higher Leverage

RK commented on 27 Apr 2014, 07:36 PM

Hello zerodha,

I guess the only problem with CO is, we cant able to trail our SL while the market moves on our side. Although the trigger price range dynamically shows some range to current market price. But the SL could be placed only till our entry buy/sell price so there is no protection and we cant even break even our positions.

If this issue is fixed, that is if we are allowed to trail our SL range until current market price like it actually shows in trigger price range, we can make our position protected. I think the answer for this is BO but I heard there are some software bugs with BO. I m quite comfortable with CO I have no other requests like partial order execution, making this small change will actually make CO a more useful tool, I think this is the long term request from users since CO is introduced.

I hope zerodha will consider my request.


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