Comment on New STT and CTT rates

Shabeer commented on 20 Mar 2016, 07:35 PM

Hi Venu

If i have placed one order and it executed part by part , will it be treated as 1 trade or several trade based on the execution ?
As i can see when you do a day trading there is very rare chance to have an order executed in one-shot , specially when you have more quantity such as 5,000 etc..

If it is treated as several trades as per execution then the brokerage will be more than 40 for 1 leg !

For instance a 200 rupees share 1,500 buy quantity executed as 2 or 4 trades then the total brokerage will be 30 just for 1 leg ! then the selling also will be same story so 30+30 =60 where it would have been 40 !

Correct me if i am wrong as i am a very new trader with Zerodha !


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