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Sanjay commented on 16 Mar 2016, 11:04 PM

Hi nitin sir
I am new at zerodha earlier at motilal.,, your brokerage is very low and transparency is also good ,,but at technology you are very behind…at kite you are not providing even live sensex and nifty up and down,, it’s very basic thing ,please provide we can know at this moment where the market going up or down ,
And cover order and bracket order is not available in KITE . AND YOUR zerodha mobile app hasn’t facility for quote rupees and Paisa in buy and sell order like 65.50,,45.05 etc please make KITE AND MOBILE app more better with latest technology ,, hope your team will work on it …. study motilal app it’s very good and having full functionality as computer, so please work on it ,

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