Comment on Nithin - Zero to Zerodha

Ram commented on 16 Mar 2016, 09:15 PM

Hi Mr.Nithin,
I am a full time trader like u an engineer..Achieving reasonable profits in swing tradings by using different strategies with futures & options instrument simultaneously(basically running with delta of 0.3 to 0.4 with predefined loss & profit even if the direction is right).
I would like to be a scalper apart from the swing trading.. I tried 5, 15 & 30 mins chart in nifty & bank nifty but the profit achieving in day trading is not reasonable..
In addition to the swing trading i would like to be scalper..Can u suggest the book which can give the in depth skills & knowledge of scalping trade.. And i would like to inform u that i am in the market since last 2 years and in addition i am the 60 day winner also..
Pls suggest the best book and your views about scalping trade..

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