Comment on Notice under Section 139(9)? - Possible reason

Sandeep Kumar DS0314 commented on 14 Mar 2016, 03:08 PM

i received income tax notice say not file income tax for year ay year 2013-2014 while in this year i made loss so i do not file as i have no other income and made loss in this year for this notice i go to CA said we file income tax return for 2013-14, 2014-15 and answer to notice charge 6500/- . i go to the link provide in letter and give answer to notice no taxable income. please suggest the procedure i do right if not then what i do sir please help in this matter.
audit required or no audit .

Profit and turnover breakdown
Futures realized profit 6100.00
Options realized profit -120721.25
Total realized profit -114621.25
Futures unrealized profit 0.00
Options unrealized profit 0.00
Total unrealized profit 0.00
Futures turnover 82405.00
Options turnover 2947022.50
Total turnover 3029427.50

Sandeep Kumar

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