Comment on Opentrade - learn following star traders

Learner commented on 13 Mar 2016, 11:22 AM

I am happy that platform is starting soon. Looking forward to join and learn from the masters.

Star traders are divided into equity,day trader,swing trader ,option trader but will they take same type of trades in their accounts.If I am following a swing trader star and if he takes a day trade or scalping trade then I will be taking that trade too as l won’t know that it is for short term and not for swing. How I will know that it is not a swing trade ?

For initial few days please run interactive discussions on open trade in which stars also can participate under their star name so that star and followers both will have clear ideas information we get and expect. A star may not tell his system or interact once the project goes live and we will have to learn from the trades they take….

In short happy days are coming for learners to be profitable.


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