Comment on Cover Orders - For Higher Leverage

Mohammed Nawaz commented on 12 Mar 2016, 07:25 PM

Dear Nitin Sir ,
Iam Happy with Support iam Getting from Z-Connect as Well as On The phone from customer Support Team
I have Few More Questions:
Today at morning I have Bought( BUY) Hindalco 100 Shares Through CNC At a Price of 80 Rupees 100 shares @8000Rs
1.By the End Of the Day Price Reaches to 75 , Is it Going to affect My Balance ?
2. OR Wat Ever The price going UP Or DOWN My shares Price stayes at 80 Rs?
3.What Happens If the Price Goes Down to 15 Rs ?
3.Is there any Chance of Getting Automatically Squared Off
4.What is the maximum time i Can Hold No of Shares In DMAT Account ?
5.When I Buy shares through CNC Are my shares trasferred automatically to DMat account OR i need to follow any procedure to get Transferred shares to My dmat account ?

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