Comment on Stop Loss orders - Limit/Market

Determined commented on 24 Apr 2014, 12:53 PM

I have been reading all the past posts. Many of my questions are already answered above, but still 4 clarifications I would request you to provide:

1. On March 5 above, Mr Nitin Kamath suggested that Zerodha is coming up with a new order type, where there can be a dormant order, which can become activated after another preceding order gets executed. Suppose NIFTY is at 6850, and I have already placed a SL Short order when it hits down 6830. Can I also place another Buy/Cover order NOW, to be activated when Nifty comes back to 6850 after the Sell [email protected] gets executed? Will this be possible in the new Order Type, and when can we expect this?
What I intend to do is to always have NIFTY LONG positions > 6850 and NIFTY short positions < 6830.

2. You also suggested some months back that right now it is NOT possible to place Bracket Orders (Buy, Target, SL) wherein after squaring off a position at Target Price, the SL order (to restrict downside loss) automatically cancels. Will it be possible anytime soon?

3. You provide Cover Order Margin Reduction facility on Futures. Is it for Intra-Day only, or for overnight covered holdings also?

4. Is the Margin requirement Reduction facility for Cover Orders available in OPTIONS writing also?


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