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BSPTiger commented on 10 Mar 2016, 11:52 AM

Hi Nithin,

Thanks for your immediate response.

My broker gives me two choice to place order type “Normal Order” and “Super Multiple”.

Normal Order:

In “Normal Order” they provide little less Margin as compare to “Super Multiple”, if I buy share using “Normal Type” I can take delivery for it if not sell within day, If I sell share using “Normal Type” in early morning. settlement for this happen either from DP account or I need square of by buying same quantity,same exchange in same day (I can also sell share using “Normal Type”even If i don’t own any quantity in my DP account).

Super Multiple:

Super multiple is purely for Intra day purpose, exchange automatically square up position at 3.10 PM.

Now my question is that if I sell 500 shares of SBI using “Normal Type” in early morning at 100000 and buy the 500 shares at 99000 in same day to square off position,I verify STT charge for transaction it’s .025% and contract settlement for this have statement “Transaction Settled by other than by delivery”.How can I count “Turnover” for this transaction.

I am considering my share market activity as business income this year.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Manish Rathore

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