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Manish commented on 10 Mar 2016, 09:44 AM

Hi Nithin,

Thanks for immediate response.

In my case my broker give me order type option as “Normal Order” & “Super Multiple”.

Normal order:
I can buy & sell with 4 times with equity margin and if I buy share with Normal Order I can hold it for delivery and if I sell (I can sell even if I don’t have any holding of share which I sold) with normal order then it will adjusted with DP holding or I can square off it by buying back with same quantity and same exchange and same day,otherwise it will settle in auction.

Super Multiple:

It’s auto square product, it’s purely for intra day trading and it’s auto square off at end of day by system.

My question is if I sell 100 share of SBI at 18500 by choosing “Normal Type” in early morning and buy SBI 100 share in same day at 18000 then what will be my turnover. My STT charge for this transaction is .025%, and in Contract note settlement happen with this statement section “Transaction Settled by other than by delivery”.How can I count turnover for this trade?

I am showing my trading as business income from this year.I need to count turnover for Tax Audit.

Please also let me know if I can reach you with telephone.

Thanks in advance for helping me, your response is always spot on.

Manish Rathore

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