Comment on Amibroker - ZT Plugin Pricing

Arti mittal DA1727 commented on 22 Apr 2014, 03:41 PM

Hi nithin,
I am Arti, DA1727
1 I want to run multiple strategies on different windows for each lot of nifty future -say 5
Each lot of nifty will have its own strategy

2 I want to enter as stoploss limit order. And as this order executes,after trade confirmation, same time I want to raise opposite stoploss limit order. And as trade moves in my direction I want to trail / modify My stoploss limit order.
For this thing I will need order id or trade id parameter from system .

3 Global data feed people say their plugin is from ambibroker to nest but not nest to ambibroker, thus I can issue order , but can not modify orders, and there is no trade confirmation also. i will have to modify/ cancel them manually.

Can I do above mentioned things by any mean ? any work around this, pls inform me

I am very disappointed with this so called automated algo trading.


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