Comment on Trading Q&A

Mohammed Nawaz commented on 06 Mar 2016, 11:58 AM

I have Doubt Regarding This ..Can Anyone Pls Clarify It ..
So in CNC Order Its Clear That No Need to Put Any Stop Loss , or No fear of Getting Negative Balance ….I can Hold Shares as Long as i want in DMAT Account …….
I have Doubts Regarding EQUITY MIS Order NOT BRACKET or COVER ORDER
Say i have Purchased 1000 Shares of PNB At a Price of 77 using MIS Order in Equity.
My questions Are
1.when I place Trade At 77 . Market Goes down to 75 , So Is there is Any Possibility of Getting Negative Balance In my account ? Or I have time Till 3:20 To close The Trade ?

2.Is there any Possibility of Trade closed Automatically when Price Goes down from 77 to 75 ?

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