Comment on Latest Pi update - 29th Feb 2016

chandru mehta commented on 04 Mar 2016, 04:18 PM

trading from the charts

a) on placing a buy order from the charts above the candle there’s a SL-M option , is it possible that we can place own value for stop loss there . The reason being in a volatile market my target price to sell above could be achieved later and not immediately. Maybe i could be wrong and maybe i could be right with my trend study.

But If i am constantly on the screen i can always correct in between.For those who are not always around the existing system seems fine . The same goes for placing a sell order from the charts .

Do you think this can be explored .Does this make sense?

b) I had previously suggested to have a floating order placing window. Currently once we place a buy order in intra-day we have to go back to market watch and place a sell order . this is time consuming . Is it possible to have a order window that stays floating and does not retract. . This would be helpful in scalping .

This is just a suggesting for the future if possible.

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