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Mayank commented on 03 Mar 2016, 10:17 PM

Hi Team,

I have two very basic query in Zerodha Trader – which has been teasing me from quite some time.

Q.1 How can i add a numbering column against the securities added in the Market watch window. What i mean is, say ” I have 30 shares in 1 market Watch window – now is there any way to show 1. Reliance, 2. Infosys, 3. Maruti and so on till 30″.
If you are wondering why i would need this thing – it just allows me to track and trade quickly, saving couple of seconds every-time.

2. Is there a way, i can place an order from an excel file attached to the ZEST Trader. Or more precisely, I was told by a software developer that if i can get the API, then he can create a basic UI for placing an automatic order like “Limit if Order” types. Is it possible and can Zerodha will be able to help in it. I just need this 1 functionality of automated order if Ask bid reaches a specified limit – Again, it will save me time and improve productivity.

I hope you will be able to help me with some solution. I read through the NEST manual but didn’t got anything on the above.

Thanks for this wonderful forum.

Happy customer of Zerodha

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