Comment on ZT-Spread Orders

patel commented on 20 Apr 2014, 10:21 PM

Nithin sir,

i want to use spread order but i have some question

1. if current nifty is 6700, if i sell 6700 call @ 150, margin around 30000/-, and i sell 6700 put @ 130, margin around 26000/-, i have to pay 56000/- for both position, in spread order…………i.e.

6700 call sell @ 150 &
6700 put sell @ 130

que.1 i can put order for above two position in spread order same time?

que.2 both execute same time?

que.3 how much margin i have to pay for spread order ?

que. 4 margin benefit i get after execute order or initial margin amount is high and after execute i get benefit in margin?

que.5 i have to squre off both position same time or i have squre off one side and i can hold my second position, if yes than how much margin require for second postion which is not squre off by me?

que.6 i can hold both position for overnight or only for intraday?

que.7 if i want to take these type of position spread order can give me any margin benifits?

sir, please give me ans., thanking you

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