Comment on Latest Pi update - 29th Feb 2016

Yogesh Poddar commented on 03 Mar 2016, 04:13 PM

Hello Nithin,

I have joined Zerodha just recently and mainly trade Options and associated strategies related to it.
PI is an excellent platform. The look and feel is nice, and navigation to various functions is Lucid. As you know, Options account for sizeable volume on the exchange owing to the fact that more and more participants are realizing the power of Options in terms of hedging and risk control.

I have a wish list of some important features to be incorporated in Pi keeping in mind Options trading :

1. 2L, 3L, Basket order feature is an absolute crucial function missing in Pi
2. There should be columns showing IV, Delta, Theta, Gamma, Vega for Options in the market watch.
3. A Price Alert feature is most desirable where a trader can set a level and when the market reaches that level, a sound alert or alarm goes off. So no need of watching the screen continously.

Hope you acknowledge these and would get it incorporated in Pi on priority and at the earliest. God Bless

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