Comment on Latest Pi update - 29th Feb 2016

Abhijit commented on 03 Mar 2016, 08:39 AM

Dear Nitin, Thanks for your reply. I am enclosing a screenshot of both softwares for your persual. As you can see it is almost impossible to notice the market movement in the Pi indices box. I have also included indices in the marketwatch as per your suggestion but again, it is easier to track the difference of the indices in numbers rather than percentage. ( for example :Nifty -20 is more easier to understand than Nifty down by 0.2% )

So my humble suggestion is, like the Nest trader, the choice to change the font size, type of indices box should be given to the user in Pi too.

Dear Nitin, please refer my earlier comments to you ( regarding option to be given to the user to change the font of the market watch. I am somewhat disappointed to see no action has been taken in this regard.


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