Comment on Kite - Introduction

Sudhaunshu commented on 02 Mar 2016, 05:22 PM

Dear Sir,

Sorry but ignore my earlier message as did not scroll down for mobile platform.
I would like to know how soon or by when the KITE mobile app will be developed? especially for iPhone?

I am fed up with NOW platform as it hangs a lot during placing orders and makes difficult to close the positions. Most of the time I lost money due to fluctuation in BNF and my orders are not executed on time.

I am planning to switch to KITE web based platform but need some points to be clarified as below:

1) For migration from NOW to KITE, how soon it will take place
2) If KITE mobile app developed, will I be able to use same login or different id’s to be created (1 for web and 2nd for mobile)
3) I would like to know if I can get a trial of KITE webbased before migration (just to see the User interface)

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