Comment on Latest Pi update - 29th Feb 2016

Manish Astral commented on 02 Mar 2016, 11:13 AM

Finally the much anticipated release of Pi with fixes is here. So far the biggest and the most vital improvement is the ability to quickly change the time frame directly from the charts. This is a very important feature which is implemented nicely in Pi now. But there is another equally important feature which is missing right now, is that the trendlines, rectangles, horizontal lines drawn on a particular TF should be visible from all the time frames. In this way a trader can quickly mark the desired zones and levels on a HTF and view those levels in details on the LTF without having to redraw the same levels on the LTF.

Also the design change of floating the toolbar dock is a nice idea, esp now that it can be moved on top of the window to the left of CDS/Normal Market Close selection menu. This increases the viewing space which is great.

Apart from these most visible changes, Pi seems to be much faster, smoother now. Esp the loading of charts, its almost instantaneous. But again i would like press my request about the overhaul of the drawing tools again. For the upcoming releases please look to improve the drawing tools which still needs the ability to change the attribute( color, thickness, type, cloning, translucency, etc) directly from the chart without having to open the chart setting window , text tools should be fully editable ( meaning the ability to change color, size, editable, cloning, etc). These are the only things lacking in Pi, to make the charting platform complete.

Anyways , thanks a lot for this. Really appreciate the work you guys are doing to improve the overall trading environment here in India. Keep it up.

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