Comment on Latest Pi update - 29th Feb 2016

manu sharma commented on 02 Mar 2016, 04:35 AM

Hmmmm….since so many requests are flooding in, I too want to add four requests. At the moment we square off a trade, we cant see the chart as the order book or the admin position takes up the entire screen, so can you do something regarding that… if we are able to minimize the order screen a bit while looking at the chart and squaring off…………..i know the following would be definitely in your list, but it will be a lot easier if on pressing an alphabet on the marketwatch the highlight can hop to those stocks starting with that particular alphabet, really explained that second request in am awful way but I hope u get the point. Third is that when we want to remove a series, then it is somewhat cumbersome….u click it…nothing happens….then again click…..then those white blocks come on the screen and we right click and then delete the series……….it should be like when we add a series then that should appear with a check mark with the right click of a mouse and in order to remove we can simply uncheck the series. Fourth is that when we add like say macd and a moving average, then if i open any other stock chart then macd and the simple moving average should already be present and I dont have to add them again.

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