Comment on Bracket Orders & Trailing Stoploss (SL)

neha1 commented on 17 Apr 2014, 05:33 PM

You have written above that bracket order is available for equities also. Can you please explain for equities also. Like there we wont be using tick values, but the normal price of the equity, isnt it. Also you said above in one of the comments that cover order is not allowed with bracket order, so are MIS orders allowed or even they are not allowed.
I have one more question. There is a comment above by one of the users that part booking is allowed in cover order. I trade using cover orders but I never find part booking in them. Suppose I buy 100 shares of reliance then I need to sell them together in a cover order. Or can I select 30,30,20,20 to sell them off.

I have a request. When someone buys a cover order then the stoploss figure in the trigger box is always at the extreme end and it becomes difficult to execute a cover order when the prices move up sharply because then we have to delete the stoploss figure which is at the extreme value and change it manually to a higher price and by then the stock moves up already by a considerable amount. Can your team just make than default value of stoploss to be somewhere in the middle rather than at the extreme end.

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