Comment on MCX - Profit/Loss for every 1 Rs change

SARAVANA PERUMAL D commented on 29 Feb 2016, 11:43 PM

Hi Nithin,

I’ve some doubt here on gold commodity trade. you’ve post as if one point change in gold spot price, then gold future (goldpetal 1gram) price change as 1 rupee (profit/loss) depend upon the position held.

Then how it is come the gold gunea (8 Grams) also change 1 Rupee!!! that’s must come 8 rupees?!!!.

Gold Mini 100 Grams – 10 Rupees!!! or 100 Rupees???
Gold Global 200 Grams – 20 Rupees!!! or 200 Rupees???
Gold Mega 1000 Grams – 100 Rupess!!! or 1000 Rupees???

Please clarify nithin ji.

Thanks in advance.

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