Comment on Taxation Simplified

kumar commented on 16 Apr 2014, 11:42 PM

Hello Nitin,

i started trading in zerodha from this year JAN, as market is going up i made gain of 5 lacs in nifty options by 3rd week of March. I took april options for entire money in march last week, which i sold out them on second week of april. I mean on 31st of March i had open positions for all my money. If calculate profit based on 31st March closing price i am in profit of another 3 lacs, means 5+3 = 8 lacs.

Note: i traded only nifty options and on 31st March closing i had only 10,000 as cash remaining amount as options premium.

My Question is: do i need to declare this profit for next financial year (FY15) (or) i need to declare only 5 lacs (or) i need to declare 8 lacs for this FY filing ?

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