Comment on Market Watch & Trading Screen

chetan commented on 26 Feb 2016, 07:30 PM

i tried it now, its not working. suppose the lowest intraday price is 145, i can’t see 144 area unless the price goes there. there is no way to scroll vertically. sometimes i want to see lower prices to calculate measured moves or leg1 = leg2 moves.
even for horizontally, we have to adjust using the arrow keys and then press end key to see the current candle.
is it possible to adjust by dragging the mouse itself like in ninja trader?

two more things, the grid colour is not saved. it should be changed every time. the second problem which is difficult to explain is addressed in the attached pictures. Basically the problem is that the bigger moving average like 200 EMA on intraday is occupying the whole screen. i am allowed to attach only 1 picture. i will attach another in the next comment.

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