Comment on Online pledging of stocks for trading F&O

Parimal commented on 25 Feb 2016, 02:33 PM

1) while opening the a/c. say i am mapping my current demat a/c. ( with sharekhan) at your end, Then is it necessary for me to transfer shares in your pool a/c. before selling ?
2) in case if i open demat a/c. with you then what is your AMC ? Incoming is free but then what are your outgoing chgs ? what are your demat chgs for transferring shares in my a/c. in case of different DP.
3)In cash mkt at the time of purchasing my intention is for intraday trading but later on if i decide during the day that i will take delivery then is it possible to change trade type ? provided credit is there in my a/c. for such conversion.
4) Instant credit of margin is must as that facelity is provided by almost every broker and it saves pledge /unpledge chgs as some body has mentioned above.

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