Comment on Start investing in mutual funds @ Zerodha

Raghuram commented on 23 Feb 2016, 01:50 PM

1) What will be difference, if I open direct from fund house & from zerodha. Will it be there difference like can we get direct fund also along with growth & dividend.

2) I am holding only trading account with zerodha, whether I have to open new trading account for MF along with demat account.

3) money if I credited to f&o trading account will it be linked to mf trading account.

4) generally I prefer to use all accounts separately like equity, f&o & mf. Such that I will not have confusion in allocated funds. So, if I opt for zerodha mf. I expect not to trade in f&o based on mf exposure such that margin problem will not arise. Is it possible atleast I will have dashboard containing details like funds in mf account, trading account separately to track portfolio.

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