Comment on Bracket Orders & Trailing Stoploss (SL)

Nithin Kamath commented on 14 Apr 2014, 12:55 PM

🙂 you got your profile name as Kid too..

So your limit buying order (main order) will be : 12896
Click on Absolute on both Square off and SL boxes.
In square off, mention 100 ( 100 points above 12896, hence ur target will be 12996)
In SL mention, 20 ( 20 points below 12896 which is 12876)

If you click on trail SL and mention 10 in that box, everytime bank Nifty goes up by 10 points, your SL will also go up by 10 points automatically. So if you mention 10 in trail, and if Bank nifty goes to 12906, your SL will go up to 12886 and so on..

Hopefully this clarifies.

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