Comment on Taxation Simplified

Anandan.R commented on 14 Apr 2014, 11:55 AM

Dear Nithin,
Thanks for your fast response, Salary people make too much loss on F&O and Intraday end up in trouble for even not able to file proper IT returns due to complex issues,
ITR 4 have 26 pages, & I don’t see much clary for Share trade CASH / Delivery / Intraday / F&O,

If some one file PIL (public interest litigation ) in supreme court then only there will be some easy way possible.
If not current teeth less govt.. not going to change any law.

Most of the people don’t wish to trade in shares..

Even we make loss there should be easy way to file tax returns.

my life miserable due Heavy losses and also due to IT Return complex issues.

I stop trading from March..

I am sure every one who make too much loss may be feeling the same..

Please kindly up-load and guide us for sample ITR4 for AY 2014_15,
Income tax dept. govt. webpage itself still correct formats not up-loaded

Best Regards,

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