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Anandan.R commented on 13 Apr 2014, 11:00 AM

Dear Sir,
Thanks for your wonderful guidance on TAX issues,
I am salary earning & use to trade in Delivery / Intraday / F&O, I have made too much loss from all trade segments, In cash trade I made 10.4 L loss and 3.2 L profit ( in total Cash Segment I made net turnover 13.6 L ) in F&O segment I made 11 L loss and 1 L profit ( in total F&O segment I made net turnover 13L ),
It means I made both segment I made total turnover 26.6 L )
Overall I made Loss of 10.4 +11.0 = 21.4 L for this year,
Pl. guide me, Is it I needs my account to be audited by certified CA ?
Is it I needs to use ITR4 for submitting my IT returns ?
Is it I needs to have on line signed ( electronic signature on the ITR4 ) documents for ITR ?

Is it possible can I get a sample ITR4 for Reference, ( income from Salary and too much loss from share trade account only, No profit on share trade )
If Audit to be done, then Is it need of submitting the Audit documents with ITR4 ?
is it any other simple method for this Income TAX submission.

I wish to switch over to Zerodha Trade account, I wish to open new account, can any one help ?
Pl. send your guidance to my email Id : [email protected]
Best Regards,

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