Comment on Zerodha Partner Program - Refer Clients

Shreekant Birla commented on 13 Feb 2016, 01:12 PM

Dear Sir

Kindly advise on following :
1) I had applied for your associate program & received a response that your sales person would called to discuss. However nobody has called far.

2) I have given a lead today for Mr. Rajeev Gupta who will open his account with you soon.
You need to make necessary sales support like sending forms etc by e mail to him
& also a courtesy call.
He was very much impressed when he saw my trades on ZT.
( Kindly note that this reference will be linked to a/c DS1259 which is my root account. I gave referral wrongly when logged in for client)

3) I tried to make fund transfer request for referral commission on Q.
It is stating there that please visit old back office.
I logged in to old back office ( only on IE after downloading, which we do not use anymore. Everybody uses Google Chrome).
After logging into old back office, fund transfer could not be done. I tried to give feed back, but failed to do it online, on the old site.
Kindly look into the problem & resolve the same.
In my opinion, it would be better, if you link the fund transfer to Q.
I await your advise on how make commission fund transfer.

With a copy of this mail I request Mr. Nitin to spend few minutes to look into the above matter please.

With best regards,
ShreeKant Birla

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