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JAY commented on 13 Feb 2016, 02:27 AM

Hi Nithin,

I don’t know why you give financial incentives in your programmes. Zerodha brokerage is lowest and as an client perspective I am having a feeling that bcoz of all of this financial incentive, which you are doing to increase your client base, you might as well increase the brokerage to bear that expense. that is not good at all. This defies the purpose of getting Zerodha account. All that matters to traders is your low brokerage plan. can’t see that getting threatened in the name of services and incentives you may want to give others to increase ur client base.

As somebody mentioned above earlier, introduce ideas, articles, guidance on “something like money management ,emotional control , risk control, capital protection, disciplined approach …on such topics Z team should come out with innovative ideas”.

Lastly, encourage a open discussion forum for traders to share knowledge, news, ideas, calls, trades etc. this forum must have volunteers or moderators who can keep eye that people are not exchanging personal contact details, any external website links and also save people from getting trapped with tip providers or premium call providers etc

As of now many traders are alone, dependent on someone or other. May be already paying to some tip provider or fund manager or a financial consultant. In one way or other they are dependent. It also may be moneycontrol message board or some other forum.

There would be many helpful people having lots of knowledge & making money and who can also help others earn money while they are also earning.


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