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Rakesh Solanki commented on 03 Feb 2016, 10:59 AM

I am Trading with Pi Platform, I am not able to Understand How the admin positions are calculated.
Yesterday I was seen profit of Rs. 1100 on my Bear Call in Nifty and I Closed the trade but when I entered the trading data in my diary To my Surprise I knew that I have made loss of Rs. 1250. I totally depressed with this Admin Position Because It can confuse you a lot and Can Hurt any trader.

Is there any solution to see actual Profit/loss in real time on position taken on some days before Or I will have to do it manually every time which is very disappointing and not reliable in volatile market.

Please solve this query because it must be the problem of all traders, And after all it is the profit that is the aim of all trading activity if we are unable to find real time profit loss what is the meaning of online trading.

All other system in the Pi is very good and I am satisfied with it.


Rakesh Solanki

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