Comment on Online pledging of stocks for trading F&O

Aditya Jain commented on 02 Feb 2016, 07:47 PM

this is the explanation which is given every time when there is no explanation, since you have pointed out tic by tic question then I would request you to send me a snap shot of the trade which executed and also how would you explain the alert system which did not triggered whereas i had put a condition that if the price is more then 3990 alert me with sms.
Basically what you are saying is to protect your terminal fault as i had already spoken to nse people and they straight away said since I am using third party software, therefore, they are not liable for any explanation. i am a client of zerodha and I am using your terminal, when you are unable to show me that the price did not reach the executed price then I need not go any where else for explanation. I had requested you to send me the snap shot and your team is so scared to do so because they know I am right as they have already checked it. I never expected company to give such explanation which has no meaning, basically the explanation given by you clearly indicates that stop loss order has no meaning because in my case there was a difference of 3 rs but still my trade got executed without showing in the terminal. so even if i had put sl at 3995 or 3998 still you would have given me same explanation. it is a win and win situation for you since you are a big firm but trust me if you are not helping me in this you will surely not going to do good because as a company if you cannot support your client then people literally start ignoring you.
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