Comment on Online pledging of stocks for trading F&O

Aditya Jain commented on 02 Feb 2016, 02:02 PM

I am very much disappointed with zerodha and people of zerodha. Today I made a short in maruti future at 3970 and placed two orders, one sl order at 3991.4 and other order at 3940, high and low made at that time was 3997 and low at 3956, till 1 o clock the high made in the future was 3987.95, i also set an alert at both the prices so i was assured that whenever the price reaches near any of my order i will call zerodha and cancel the other order. I got a message stating that the price of the future is trading at 1940 and therefore the alert got triggered, i call zerodha people and there i come to know that my 3991 order got executed. this has happened twice with me and i am really upset and irritated with the explanation that even though the price is not showing in the terminal that it had reached 3991.4 but still my order got executed and i have to talk to nse. then why i am trading with zerodha? cant zerodha compensate for loss which actually never happened, can zerodha give me an explanation as what stop loss order is and whether does it have any meaning because 4 rs difference the order got executed, netiher it is showing in the terminal that the price had reached 3991. i made loss instead i would have made profit. nobody is ready to even listen and moreover, customer service sucks as their representatives are rude and ignorant.
People can call me at 7566134034, if they think I am lying, I am in profession and trade because i am passionate but havent expericend anything like this

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