Comment on Online pledging of stocks for trading F&O

sunita dahale commented on 02 Feb 2016, 08:37 AM

Recently received a copy of general communication-circular from zerodha –
stressing that henceforth 50% Cash is required and 50% as pledged equity margins;
if cash is not there in your account , then interest component will be debited.

my point is to get certain ambiguity resolved by team zerodha.
Le us assume my own case , I have around equity of 20Lacs out of which equity worth of 12Lacs is parked,
-pledged for keeping as margin money for F & O;
( with either 70% or 80% as haircut , i should get be able to get margin
of 9.5lacs approx)

and have only 0.10 L as cash parked in account with zerodha ;

assume i have a position in equity future for far month ,
which requires margin of 0.40 L,
next day for averaging i have to take new position with margin 0.45Lacs and 0.50Lacs
totaling 0.40L + 0.45 L + 0.50 L = 1.35Lacs,
then there are M to M debit of
Rs.0.15 Lacs totalling 1.5Lacs

as i have STANDALONE margin of 9.5 Lacs ; i suppose -presume -I am safer mode to do transactions

now confusion as erupted ,
by your so circular of 50% cash is required ;or else interest will be debited
do I require to keep 0.65L as cash with zerodha ?

i suppose Not,
as i am in SAFE ZONE,
as equities of present worth 12.0Lacs IS NOT GOING to be 1.50Lacs
equivalent to margin money required ; hence No interest will be charged to me by zerodha;

please explain me in details , pros and cons and consequences,
citing above example only
as I am / (no one should-be ) NOT INCLINED to bear /pay Interest charges,
when sometimes our funds to tune of lacs of Rs. ( as a investor /trader) are parked with Zerodha(broker)where we neither opt nor given interest from zerodha (broker)

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