Comment on Latest updates PI - 23rd July 2015

Devendra commented on 01 Feb 2016, 07:57 AM

Dear Nithin / Zerodha,

Subject:Request/Suggestion for Ternimal Updates

I request you to pl. note following Point
After discussing with my Referrals and some of Zerodha Trades
about Pi and Kite.

Some features are in Pi but not in Kite and vice versa

1) Many Indicators which are in Kite are not in Pi

2) RAVI Indicator which looks great in Kite, looks completely different in Pi

3) Pl. enable BO, CO and Trade from Chart in Kite
(Your team must be working hard for it)

4) Enabling SL Format order (Buy above / Sell Below) in BO

5) One can open and arrange multiple charts in Pi
But in Kite we need to use POPOUT in Diff Tabs
It’s convenient to see multiple charts in one screen at a glance
Pl. see attachment, if this thing will be possible in Kite

6) Layout Saving, Both in Pi and Kite, so we need not arrange charts every time after login
Sharekhan has this feature

So for using BO we need to use Pi but cannot see super trend
and if we use kite to see it we don’t have BO
and one cannot login to both at same time

Hoping for The BEST as usual from Zerodha !
Devendra Pitale

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