Comment on Commoditising and democratising investment technology

Rathnakara Hande commented on 31 Jan 2016, 06:34 PM

I wish to have a clarification on turnover calculations.
If a buy &sell transaction of a specific commodity is done resulting in a gain of Rs 1000/- followed by another buy&sell transaction of the same commodity is done resulting in a loss of Rs 200/-, the net turnover shall be Rs 1200/- (as I understood from the chapter 7 of Zerodha Varsity).
However as per the turnover statement given in the backoffice, it appears that the turnover against the above transaction amounts to Rs 800/- only.
In first case, each buy&sell action is taken separately where as the buy and sell of all transactions of a specific commodity is averaged out in the second case.
Please clarify which is the correct method.

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