Comment on Market Watch & Trading Screen

Srinivas commented on 26 Jan 2016, 04:51 PM

Dear Nithin, Thank you very much for creating ZERODHA and running it so beautifully. My wife opened an account recently and it is very fast and transparent. Response from Zerodha team is very fast. Your model of Brokerage structure is the real motivation for small investors like us. Please keep it up. I have a few suggestions on extra features required on PI for a trader’s better reflexes while working on screen.
1) For Stochastics oscillator & RSI oscillator, at present we can select only ‘close’ price. Please introduce Open, High and Low price selections also from the drop down menu (as in SMA selection).
2) Please try to introduce two colors for a curve(eg, SMA curve), one color for upslope and one color for down slope.

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