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Ranjit Kumar Singh commented on 25 Jan 2016, 01:57 PM

Hello Nitin,
I wish to request on behalf of ZERODHA costumers from you to please start SMS alert system once the trade is executed so that we get proper update of our “SELL/BUY” and plan our trading accordingly.
Like we get SMS alert on our Mobile phone when ever our Order get executed from Other securities like Kotak,HDFC and ICICI. It will be a great favor to us if we get such SMS alert from ZERODHA also after order is executed. Many a time we miss many opportunities just because of unawareness of execution of our order. We Retail investors cant Sit in front of System and monitor the Market whole day long due to our other commitments and Work.
Request you to please accept our request and implement this SMS alert system in ZERODHA.
I am very satisfied with other services zerodha .Keep your good work and together we can build a long term relation.
Thanks & Regards
Ranjit Kumar Singh

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