Comment on Zerodha-business-opportunity

DR.A.RAMCHETAN RAI commented on 24 Jan 2016, 07:14 PM

that one advertisement will definitely get you 20 percent of all the clients from sharekhan, icicidirect, and all the other brokerages combined….with immediate effect…most of the clients there are fed up!!…and they dont know anything about zerodha…i know u not doing it because u dont want to antagonize the rest of the brokerages in india….but they deserve it…for screwing us properly all these years…and i am sure they are doing their utmost to screw u guys up anyway…

my main intention is to help u…i really like u guys and what u are doing…..and in case u find that this free brokerage equity delivery model isnt working, i will be happy if you go back to charging like before….i dont want to go back to icicidirect …ever!!

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