Comment on BTST/ATST( Buy/Acquire Today Sell tomorrow)

DM0969 commented on 30 Mar 2014, 08:48 PM

Hi Nithin,

Couple of QQ around BTST

1) When T+1 is a settlement holiday, will our NEST terminal/web app by default block us from selling as CNC on T+1?
example : I have bought Hindalco on 28th March and 31st March being a settlement holiday, will my CNC trades be by default blocked as preventive measure if i try to sell on 31st March?

2) I have a DP with IIFL, they send me these settlement dates emails. I do not receive any from our ILFS people nor from our Zerodha Team if I am not mistaken
Suggestion: Can our Zerodha Team warn us about the same via emails?

3) For my personal understanding can you please help me, if i understood it correctly: i.e. if T+1 is a settlement holiday we cannot sell, like 8th April is again a holiday, so shares bought on 7th cannot be sold on 8th April.

Traders: Please visit this link for settlement holidays>>

Thanks in Advance as always

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