Comment on Latest updates PI - 23rd July 2015

chandru mehta commented on 21 Jan 2016, 08:48 PM


would you be announcing the new version for Pi this month . Eagerly looking forward to see new updates.

Also as your customers grow please take this as a feedback to have the server & bandwith at your end to accommodate additional customers. For the last 3 days Pi has become sluggish . I had to login in log out 3-4 times in a day for the past 3 days.

I dont know if this is associated with the save charts to disk that is making it sluggish . I use 5 days data and horizontal lines as indicators. ?

Would love to move to Kite but am waiting for buy sell features on popout . The screen on Pi is bigger than Kite . Its a difficult choice to make . My last request for Kite is the Raff Linear regression channel on Kite . That would complete my world:-)

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