Comment on Zerodha F&O margin Calculator

patel commented on 26 Mar 2014, 09:46 PM

sir i have to only need 44795 + 2715 + 1069 = 48579 for first trade when i sell 6400 c sell how much margin required? and then sell 6600 p sell how much margin require? 6600 p margin depend upon previous position, and after i buy call & put of 6500, i have to pay first fully premium or depend upon previous postion…………. according to me sir if in my account on rs. 48579/- can i put up this four postion or i have to more amount for trade step by step and after credit margin in my account and margin block Rs.48579/- only, if exchange want more amount up to execute order there is no meaning for less margin Rs.48579/- if i have to credit 60000 or 70000 or more for trade up to excute order?

other question is that spread order for future only when i sell & buy different month, i can buy or sell in spread order but i want to only one side position for squre off, is it possible? if yes, after pending position how much margin i have to block or pay

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