Comment on Consequences of Short delivery - NSE/BSE

nagesh commented on 26 Mar 2014, 09:18 PM

Dear sir, I read ur articles it’s very nice, I am zerodha customer, log in id: RN066, i have quiery regarding NSE intraday., I am new to this trading field, please clarify.
In a real time scenario: United Bank of india, Open : 27.50, My Limit: 27.55, Current Price 27.60, My Target: 27.60. I buy & sell 5000 shares same day, INTRADAY TRADING.. Is all 5000 shares will get sell on the same day @ my selling price? I see graph goes to 27.60, then again it goes 27.50, fluctuations.. Again it reaches 27.55, but never goes to 27.60, Close at: 27.55.
My order shows pending! It doesn’t sold all 5000 shares, say only 2500 sold, remaining pending 2500.
In this case, What steps i want to follow? Tomorrow if the market goes still down, what i need to do?
How to recover my money? Is my understanding is correct? If wrong please please correct me.
Presently i am using online stock simulator for practice…

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