Comment on Opentrade - learn following star traders

nizsohoney commented on 13 Jan 2016, 11:08 AM

“Nithin Kamath
The quantities will not be shown directly. And like I said, the idea is to make this a learning/education initiative. The best way to learn driving is by sitting next to a good driver.”

I can understand, the strategy of a trader will not be made public. But a follower needs to know the rules and the rationale the trader follows for her/his strategy. Will those be disclosed to the follower?

I want to join Opentrade as a Star trader (have emailed to you). If at all I am shortlisted, only following my trades blindly will not do the followers any good. They will need to understand the rules and thinking I apply to my strategy.
Also, I will appeal to you, don’t just go with the profitability of trader. Get to know if the trader has any system in work, what does the trader expects from the system, what should the followers expect from the trader, the profitability parameters of the system etc.

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