Comment on Opentrade - learn following star traders

vishyvishy commented on 12 Jan 2016, 09:26 PM

Many Congrats to Zerodha for this initiative …
Following requests are still pending, I wish they will be fulfilled soon…

1) Bracket order in commodities in Kite and PI
2) Kite on Android Mobile
3) Draw Down Control setting at least for intraday (MIS) trade. This way position will be auto squared off if it goes below certain “User Set” draw down level , which may be some fixed amount …say 500 Rs. or which may be % of capital say 1 or 2% draw down limit. This will enforce loss control discipline for loser like me.
4) Easy(using keyboard) or Auto Scrip shift in Kite Charts. Manually clicking is Really cumbersome.
5) Price voice alert in Kite — If scrips crosses above or below set value, user gets a voice/popup notification.
6) Paper trade on Charts facility. There should be a Big historical database of many years and a facility for a trader to practice mock trading with some Virtual Cash. This way trader can sharpen his skills himself.
7) Some Programming language to create own indicators/system for kite.

warm regards,

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