Comment on Opentrade - learn following star traders

Radhe Shyam commented on 11 Jan 2016, 09:35 PM

Where every broker working here just for making money by charging high or providing tips asking customers to trade very often I have seen traditional brokers trading in customer’s accounts, Zerodha is the first and perhaps only which is trying to help traders to learn how to trade better themselves, it shows Zerodha is not here just for making money. If there would have been history of Indian Stock Brokering Time should be divided into Pre-Zerodha and After-Zerodha 🙂 Well thanks of making Indian stock traders to international level. Opentrade will be very helpful for many traders and it will be far better than Tips providers who don’t bother about money management, It would be great if trades of STARS are notified real time in trading terminal too. I checked KITE (web based trading) recently and WOW !!!! trading experience in KITE is superb. I have never liked web based trading before using kite.
Its smooth fast and does perfectly what it is supposed for. charts are better than nest plus. Even on mobile it performed better Nest Mobile. Congratulations !!! Team Zerodha for Kite and Opentrade. 🙂

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