Comment on Commoditising and democratising investment technology

sanjay_arora commented on 09 Jan 2016, 08:02 PM

Feature Request:

New trader on your platform. Would like two features one in trade analysis & one in PayIns:

Trade Analysis:
It should be possible to show the daily, weekly, monthly & annual drawdown/exposure, in totality of account and trading strategy/instrument wise and the same data should be downloadable via api. This will provide traders with information on the risk element on their wins and be more informed. I think the consolidated drawdown is already available to you as MTM exposure in trading tools, only they need to be stored for later querying.

Your inward RTGS PayIn seems to be very slow as you state 2 to 10 hours to get credited, in addition you seem to need the customer to upload a screenshot. A better method would be to get the customer to initiate the RTGS PayIn and generate a 10 or 15 digit hashcode and require the user to put his UserId & said hashcode in the comments section of the RTGS. Based on these matched with requested PayIn amount, you can automatically give trader the credit. Mismatched can go your usual route and credited delayed.

Frankly, I distrust the payee end generated payment pages where the intended credit account number is not keyed in by the fund transferor, especially for the large amounts. A RTGS payee can be tested with a small amount beforehand and be at disposal forever, guaranteeing correct credit forever. The other kind of transfer always depends upon the trust that payee web-page has not been hacked and payment destinations in it not altered. In large payments, this is a risk that though minimal, should not be taken.

Hope you can accomodate the above requests of value and provision them in near future.

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